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December 5th Event With Kevin Sorbo

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On December 5, 2009 The Orange County Screenwriters Association was proud to host a Q&A with Mr. Kevin Sorbo at the beautiful Regency South Coast Theater. As always, a special thanks to Larry Porricelli and Lyndon Golin at the Regency for making us feel at home.

I’ll admit I’m prejudiced. I really like Kevin Sorbo. I met him for the first time at a press conference for a film of mine he is slated to star in (link.) He was amazingly open and friendly to everyone there, including the press. You just like this man - he’s truly genuine.   (READ MORE

I smiled and laughed and was wholly engaged through the whole Q&A - and I was the one doing the Q&A. So much for objectivity. I was buzzing for hours afterward, happy and inspired by Kevin’s words and stories about his experiences in the business. He made it absolutely clear - if you want to succeed, you have to want this and think of littl else. You have to eat, drink and live the business. But that’s preaching to the choir, as far as I’m concerned - on this topic he reflected my opinions exactly.  t’s no wonder Kevin has so many rabid fans; he was simultaenously funny, articulate, inspiring, generous, informative and well, I don't know how else to say it - charming.  He entranced all assembled for nearly two hours with his personal observations and professional insights.

His depth and breadth of experience is remarkable. He’s done everything from series, to sitcoms, to farces, to a recent turn as a villain in the soon-to-be-released 3D thriller “Julia X.” Of course, he’s perhaps best recognized as being the 7-year face of the “Hercules” series and then for five years as Dylan Hunt, captain of the starship “Andromeda.” But Sorbo has really done it all including writing, producing, and directing.

His latest focus, besides his acting, is founding and heading up his own production company, Touchwood. Like many actors these days, he is actively choosing his material in order to more perfectly control his career output. This is just another in a series of smart moves in this very accomplished man’s nearly 20-year run in which he is still touted as being one of the most bankable TV faces behind Oprah and Regis. 

Sorbo is also a spiritually generous man. He came and talked to us (a not-for-profit org) then went immediately to an event to sign autographs for a cancer charity. He chairs a non-profit organization called A World Fit For Kids and does a lot of charity golf events - although given his five handicap I don’t think they have to twist his arm much to do those events.

Kevin is a doting father - a soccer dad in his words- to his three children. A man of strong faith he values family over all. These days you’re about as likely seeing him posing with his children and wife (the beautiful and accomplished actress Sam Jenkins) as in any publicity shots.

I asked Kevin what he would do if he couldn’t act (or play golf.) As A former letterman in four sports and a college jock, I figured he’d say something like “sports.” He surprised me by saying “teach.” Doesn’t that just figure? You really want to hate a guy who is so good looking, smart, charming, articulate and down-to-earth but in the case of Kevin Sorbo you just cannot dislike him. I defy you to try. The engaging smile, quick wit and his generous spirit will quickly win you over.

After the Q&A, he graciously stuck around to sign anything anyone wanted, take pictures with anyone and everyone, and help us on a charitable basis to sell some autographed merchandise.

Our deepest thanks to Kevin Sorbo, actor, producer, director, writer and all around good man, for coming to our event - we hope he’ll come back in 2010, perhaps to premier one of his new films.

In any case, the OCSWA door is always open to this supremely accomplished and very grounded superstar.


Before the Q&A started, we were treated to the finished cut of the first co-production of The Make It Reel Script to Screen Contest. “Harvey The Monster Racist” the winner of the short script contest run by OCSWA, was written by Brandon Tyra, directed by Eric Hensman from Lennexe Productions, and produced by Eric Hensman, Itai Levin and Mark Sevi.

Harvey is funny and terribly well-done. Hensman did an amazing job with little money and a lot of incredible volunteers who gave of their time and skills. His professionalism and skill are abundantly evident  in every frame of Harvey.

A link to the film can be found here: (coming soon)

All in all, this was a wonderful cap to end our 1st year (six months actually) of operation of the Orange County Screenwriters Association and the whirlwind events we managed to pull together.  

Happy Holidays to all.

Looking forward to an even more remarkable 2010.

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great event

Great event and Kevin Sorbo was very personable. Surprising so.

Hope he wants to debut some of his new movies coming out next year with us.

Keep up the great work OCSWA.