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logoThe Orange County Screenwriters Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing education and resources to all aspects of the film community both amateur and professional!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

5 Word Reviews

American music isn't just jazz.

He's bigger than The Donald!

Ear Worm Time At Disney

Slow(ish) But Classic le Carré

Bad Asses Vamps vs Lycans

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Straight Outta Compton

American music isn't just jazz.

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He's bigger than The Donald!

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logo meetup


Welcome to the new website for the
Orange Country Screenwriters Association!

A lot has changed, web-wise, since the 1st time I put up a website for this org in 2009. 

We've gone from a Flash-based site, to a Drupal-based site that was mostly custom-built, to now this platform.

I've migrated most of the articles over from the old site and this migration will be ongoing until the old site can be safely put to bed and this site given its due.

I hope that you will visit regularly and enjoy the content here.  I will also list all our social media and partner sites which include screenwriting classes, tips, etc.

Today as always: Be Inspired, Do Good Work!

Mark Sevi, President Orange County Screenwriters Association

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In Praise of - Doc Hollywood

A230 02"Doc Hollywood" is a romantic comedy based on the book What?...Dead Again? by Neil B. Shulman M.D.  It stars Michael J. Fox and Julie Warner with a cast of great character actors including David Ogden Stiers ("Mash") and Barnard Hughes with Woody Harrelson and Bridget Fonda. 

Fox plays an egocentric young doctor heading to L.A. to join a plastic surgery practice.  He gets run off the road on the way, destroys the local judge's new fence and is sentenced to community service because the town needs a doctor.  The ploy is designed to make him fall in love with the town in the hopes that he'll stay and become their next town doctor. 

It helps that the first morning he's there, he's greeted by the fetching Julie Warner rising out of a lake, nude, like some demi-goddess nymph.  That definitely sparks his interest in staying and creates a truly warm and funny romantic comedy as Fox fights his urge to be a big-city doctor and not follow his heart which is captured by both the town and Ms Warner.

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In Praise of - NCIS

NCIS Wallpapers ncis 13737939 1280 1024"NCIS" (the original) has been an ongoing success for 13 seasons.  To gain some perspective on that, when the show started the agents were using PDAs, not smart phones.  No one knew (or cared about) Kim Kardashian, Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Facebook (they used MySpace!!) or the Donald (Trump, not Duck.)  And there was no Homeland Security.

I have to admit that I was never much interested in this show - procedurals in general left me less than enthused.  I watched the various Law and Orders but not regularly (another great example of long-running episodic TV.)  Netflix brought me to this show and I somehow have become hooked.

I was a "Magnum P.I." fan but not "Jag."  Both were created by super-producer Donald Bellisario as was "NCIS."  The show is well-crafted with great characters - a hallmark of Bellasario.  You can rail against the "formula" but it works:

  • Gibbs (Mark Harmon) a tough-as-nails ex-Marine who runs the joint.
  • DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) the womanizer/joker.
  • Ducky (David McCallum) the quirky, yet formidable forensic coroner.
  • Abby (Pauley Perrette) - a goth in goth clothing (with pigtails) who is the (also quirky) jack-of-all trades forensic scientist.
  • McGee (Sean Murphy) - a whipsmart geek/agent continuously trying to figure out who he is in the scheme of the agency and his fellow agents.
  • Ziva (Cote de Pablo) the hot Mossad agent who came in on Season 2 and stayed until Season 11.
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